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It's been over a week since the Snowslide Expedition began. Gabrielle and her fellow travelers have been making great progress, but overall, they haven't found any concrete answers to the mystery at hand... but after the mysterious occurrence from this morning, Gabrielle feels more confident than ever that the truth is within reach!

Prankster Krittle

Just before dawn, a member of the expedition -- a Krittle named Noah -- spotted a shadowy figure in the distance. However, their form was obscured in the dim morning light, and he had not yet put on his glasses.

Noah reported that the figure's shape was likely that of a Pet -- but one he had never seen before. More importantly, it was beckoning for him to follow!

Snowslide Expedition Hint

By the time Noah awakened his fellow teammates and urged them to come investigate, the shadowy figure had already disappeared.

Other members of the expedition were skeptical of his claims. Could it have been a trick of the light? A shadow, even? Or perhaps he was making it up altogether?

Winter HerjiWinter HerjiWinter Herji

Just when Noah was starting to give up hope, the travelers heard hundreds of tiny footsteps in the distance. A flock of Winter Herji was approaching -- and they were heading in the direction Noah claimed he'd spotted the figure. A few of them even glanced back at the expedition as they passed through... Almost as if urging them to follow.

While Gabrielle had been skeptical, she knew that the expedition needed to move onward. And at that moment, their best bet was to trust Noah and the intuitions of the Herji.

The answer to the Snowslide mystery is still out of reach, but the end is drawing close -- it's still safe to say that we'll have the answers by August 26th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. It's not too late to join the expedition, either!

Papier Mache Swordbreaker Snowflake Shield Throwing Cards

Feeling an adrenaline rush from all this adventuring? Burn off some energy with a little buffed-up questing! From today until August 22nd, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the quests opportunities and rewards for the Weapons Quest will be doubled, so be sure to stock up on swords, shields, and other weaponry.

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