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Forum Adoptable Update 4/19


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So, it's been a few weeks since I got out an update for the development. Unfortunately things have slowed a tiny bit due to getting the Game List out, but I have one update for today to tease, and more over the next few days.


As you can see above, there will be in the next release a new widget that will show a leaderboard and a new kinda mini-game. Essentially, if you gain the most power (top 3) through reviewing, getting reputation because people are liking your posts, or posting on the forums, you will earn a bonus for that pet at the end of the day before the board resets for the next day.

I felt this was a nice little mini-game that plays into power gaining and how it works. I will find new ways to use power in the future to actually spend it to either help or slow other forums users in creative and fun ways. The idea behind power is that it is a evolutionary force, but it is also a form of exactly what it is called, power. How that power is used or unleashed will be a very interesting concept.

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To add to the fun updates, here is a much oft-requested feature, transferring pets.

You will now have a Transfer option on your pets, yes even eggs.



This will allow you to enter the name of the member you wish to transfer the pet to. It is an autocomplete, so it will show you available members.


The member who received a transferred pet will receive a notification letting them know they got one.


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