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Northern Call is hiring for several positions


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Northern Call is hiring once more for a few positions

As the title states we are looking for a few new staff members to fill the following positions:

• Wearable Item Artist
• Non Wearable Item Artist
• Background Artist 
•Explore Creature Artist

We would like the art to look good/match our new templates. I have included a sample of one of the wolves.

A brief summery of the positions. 

Wearable Item Artist

The wearable Item Artist will assist with creating new wearable items for the Adult Wolves. The items will need to be wearable on all mutations for all poses. 

Non Wearable Item Artist

The non wearable item artist will assisting i creating new item for the explore feature, marketplace and den. Any item that is not worn by a wolf. 

Background Artist 

The background artist will assist in making new den and explore feature backgrounds.

Explore creature artist

The Explore Creature artist will assist with creating new enemies and creatures for wolves to come across in the explore feature as well as when hunting. 

if this is something that interests you please reach out through either messages or on discord TinyMosasaur#4638



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