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Sensipets: Welcome Tomie and Cy!


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Good morning SensiFolks!!

Big morning for us here at Sensipets. While we get closer to rolling out another exciting system, we want to keep pushing the lore of Casius and Aegis forward. Part of that means that our Create a Pet and Adopt a Pet area had to be updated.

Please welcome Lead Scientist of the Bonnie B. Laboratory, Tomie (she/her) and Junior Scientist, Cy (they/them)! 

tomie.png?t=1628962179 cyprus-t.png?t=1628961988

Tomie is a researcher specializing in the origin of pets, she loves studying, teaching, and the occasional trashy romance novel. She will be a key part of helping you find your perfect pet. Assisting her is Cy, they answer any questions and will be your guide through starting your journey in Sensipets. Careful though, they are known around town for pranks and practical jokes. Let us know what your think of our newest characters!

Additionally, some smaller updates have been released!

Background Music, an awesome member named @arcade_distance lended their musical expertise and made some fun background music! Most browsers aren't the biggest fans of auto-play music.. but if interested, go to your preferences and turn on background music then head to the Plushie Boutique to hear it! Thanks arcade_distance!

The Dump, when you get rid of items, when the stores need to clear their inventory, when the Giving Garden is flooded, those items have to go somewhere, right? The Dump is a new concept where those items go - and will be a concept we use in the near future ? 

Beauty Counter, we've been refining the system a bit lately and should behave better now ? Also items that go to your beauty counter vs dressing room should be more clear now as well.

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