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CelestialEquine: August Updates + Coloring Book Previews


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August Updates + Coloring Book Previews

Good afternoon, CE players!

What an exciting week it has been! To kick off this news post, we are thrilled to provide more previews of our coloring book, edition 1 of the Celestial Equine breed book. Our dream is to release an edition 2 of this beautiful book to feature the breeds that did not quite make it in along with 10 more player breeds! Here are previews of the Klaud, the Haunt, and the Keenee.


With that being said, this amazing coloring book will be here in time for the holidays, which makes for a unique gift for the special people in your life. We have a ton of amazing backer tiers available on our Kickstarter. It would mean the world to have the support of our players, so check it out if you are interested in contributing to this project! There are still 7 spots available to have your own breed or favorite horse included in the coloring book.

In other news, we have some fun new updates for everyone! Firstly, we have completed another speed optimization through our ad provider. You will notice pages are loading significantly faster and should rarely crash. This was our primary reason for migrating back to our previous provider, so I hope this makes a noticeable difference for you all!

Next up, our Mercantile clean up script is working flawlessly! Trade lots and gift offers over 7 days old have been automatically cleared to keep the Mercantile fresh and up-to-date. Be sure to let us know if you have any issues with this feature so we can get it addressed quickly!

The next few tasks on our Development list are relatively small but should still feel impactful. We are working on adding a new preview area specifically for interacting with companions! This feature will work very similarly to the Wardrobe and Adorafly's lair, but strictly for companions. Players will have the ability to reorder their companions just like wearables in the wardrobe. We are also working on additional security measures for our registration process to keep accounts as honest as possible!

Lastly, our August Cash Shop releases are officially live as both individual items and Spotlight Packages for players who prefer to purchase entire ranges of new genes. In addition to our new August genes and wearables, our 2020 royal genes are back as well! Here are a few previews of our favorite gene and wearable combinations.



Thank you for reading, happy gaming!

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