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Pocket Puma Pets: Quest Shop Release!


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Some new shop-exclusive items have appeared for Kazoo, Hydracat, and Maurice!


These items will only be available in their shops where you spend their tokens!

[ Kazoo's Prize Counter ]

Kazoo has a handful of stuff that just isn't fun to him anymore... maybe you'll enjoy them?

• Tiny Kitty Easel Painting
• Cat Face Easel Painting
• Rosy Bicycle Ride
• Bubblegum Ball Machine
• Cardboard Shenanigans


[ Hydracat's Hoard ]

Hydracat has a heap of cat breed frames!
Too many to show all the images, but this is the full list!

• Cat Frame - Black
• Cat Frame - Brown Tabby
• Cat Frame - Calico
• Cat Frame - Classic Tabby
• Cat Frame - Ginger Tabby
• Cat Frame - Grey Tabby
• Cat Frame - Maine Coon
• Cat Frame - Russian Blue
• Cat Frame - Siamese
• Cat Frame - Sphynx
• Cat Frame - Tortie
• Cat Frame - Tuxedo
• Cat Frame - White


[ Maurice's Miscellanea ]

Last but not least, Maurice has some lovely frames and out of this world enviros!

• Dragn Galaxy - Dreamy
• Dragn Galaxy - Ebil
• Dragn Galaxy - Fiery
• Dragn Galaxy - Purple
• Dragn Galaxy - Sapphire
• Dragn Galaxy - Undead
• Unicorn Galaxy - Azure
• Unicorn Galaxy - Ebil
• Unicorn Galaxy - Fae
• Unicorn Galaxy - Noxious
• Unicorn Galaxy - Purple
• Unicorn Galaxy - Sunset
• Copper Lamp Frame
• Fae Lamp Frame
• Raindrop Lamp Frame


:) Enjoy!

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