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The TGL Storytime: Dave's Story


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This is how it works:

We will write a story together. Each post will contain the end of the previous sentence and start the next sentence.



- Your post must make sense in the context of what is going on in the story.

- You can do anything you want but keep it as one start and one end.

- Try to leave the sentence open for the next person. Eg, if the previous sentence was "John was at the supermarket." Instead of this: "He decided to buy a.." try to do "He decided.." . This allows the next poster more creative wiggle room.


Poster 1: "The wind was blowing heavily. Dave's hat.."

Poster 2: "..blew off and landed on the ground. Sylvia.."

Poster 3: "..picked up Dave's hat and handed it to him. She suggested.."

Poster 4: "..they should find somewhere warm for the night. The problem was.."

Poster 2: "..being homeless detectives was that they didn't really have a home to go to. So instead.."

Poster 3: "..they decided to turn off the wind machine they had found and keep snuggled up in the scrap heap they had found. The next morning.."

Person 1: "Sylvia woke to the smell of sausages. Suddenly Dave.."

Ill start:

Dave opened his eyes. He saw..

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