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IcePets.com: Milkshakes and Lots of Plushies!


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Rainbow Freakshake

Restockers and collectors should stay alert, because we've got a whole load of brand new Items!
First off is the Rainbow Freakshake! This tasty treat, funded by @Travis, is the perfect way to cool your Pets down after a long day -- and as a bonus, it'll turn their tongues every colour of the rainbow.
You can purchase this sugary shake at the Frozen Treats shop. If you're lucky, you can also get it was a reward from the Snowman Quest, and a week from today, the Candy Quest's Chocolate Lover will be craving it.

Dreamworld Lugra Plushie

Up next is the Dreamworld Lugra Plushie! This cuddly little Plushie was funded by @irissa, and it's sure to keep you company whether you're taking a nap or looking for a buddy to play with.
If you'd like to add this Plushie to your collection, you can find it at the Plushie Palace. Additonally, you can receive it as a reward from the Book Quest, and in a week, Samuel will be looking for it in his Plushie Quest.

Blue Token PlushieBronze Token PlushieGreen Token Plushie

Orange Token PlushiePurple Token PlushieRed Token PlushieYellow Token Plushie

Silver Token Plushie

Gold Token Plushie

Platinum Token Plushie

Finally, we have the new Token Plushes! Token enthusiasts and Plushie collectors alike will surely want to get their hands on these.
You can find the Blue, Bronze, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Token Plush at the Plushie Palace and get them as a reward from the Book Quest. Make sure to stock up on them when you can, because the Plushie Quest will be asking for them in one week.

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