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Atrocity: 7-6-2021- new pet genetics, festivals, redraws and candy shops


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Hello! I've been dilligently working... at the moment its just me (ittermat) and a few bits of help here and there... but im doing the majority of updates- so please be patient with me while I do what I can. XD

Soooo lets get into it.

Things I've done so far-

~I've added new cursors to maps, so you have pawprints when you can click (or directional ones for going diections like left right, up or down) Not only this but if you can cook, fish, mine, dig or what have you it changes for those too! (im still working on the snowmen and the other campfires and the gravestones to be more interactive/better.)

~Added the current site features list back to the main page

~Fixed a security issue with some images- should all work now.

~Thanks to Hall of famer our forums are now integrated in the site- so logging in on the main site now automatically logs you into the forum.

~You can now get trash points for turning in Trash at the Trash-o-matic 3000.

~Redrew Reggie and Daniel.

~There is now a "Candy Shops" Option in the explore menu, it looks a bit rudimentary at the moment, but I will work on making it look nicer and with its own NPC (s), There are also only two shops as of writing this newspost, Paintbrushes and Surprise boxes.

~Added some new summer Genetics.

Those are what I've gotten finished so far...

heres the list of what Im going to work on


~Changing the Firepits on the maps to cook certain foods, like smores, hotdogs, marshmallows and fish- they will make different things depending on what items you have and where they're located.

~Making the Gravestones/cemetary more interactive/better (land of the dead?)

~Making the snowmen more interactive/better

~Finishing the NPC quests

~Adding in festivals and things for certain times of the year (Flower fest, Autumn fest, winterfest, summer fest?)

~Possibly gonna Make human avatars for those who dont want to be an animal

~Making the closet look better

~Other minor things/fixes

~Other things I cant remeber at this moment in time.. XD

Stuff im waiting on from other coders


~Battling Code (with minpets/elements/bosses etc)

~Atrocity War Card game code

~ Spreadable avatar disease code

And more!

I appreciate everyones patient with me <3
~Till next time <3


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