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CelestialEquine: July Updates + Teasers!


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July Updates + Teasers!

Good afternoon, CE Players!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new player tutorial! This tutorial is a step-by-step introduction to the World of Celestia and its various activities. We have a few kinks to work out regarding the flow of the tutorial, but feel free to participate and provide feedback! In addition to being a fantastic breakdown of CE activities, this is also a great way to earn fun items, gems, and coins. Thank you to everyone who has already posted feedback on our official game Discord channel! We have also added the ability to enable/disable the guide so players can continue at their leisure or opt out of participating.

Next up, we have released a beautiful new set of genes for our Meyril breed! This breed is located in the Mythical World and is actually one of the first breeds ever created on Celestial Equine. The Meyril received a brand-new mane/tail set, horn, eyes, and various markings. In addition to the Meyril variations, over 100 new genes were released into the Magic Shop! These genes will circulate through the month of July in the Magic Shop. We have also released a beautiful new set of Cash Shop genes and wearables! Our Cash Shop and Magic Shop genes have been released in Spotlight Packages for those of you interested in hoarding July genes at a discounted rate. Click here to view the various packages!

In addition to our monthly gene/wearable releases, we have begun releasing "Standard" recolors into the Magic Shop for more common circulating genes. Our first release of this type is our new "Melted Pigment" secondary body marking! We will continue releasing various genes in these standard colors for easy mixing and matching. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment area of this news post!

Now that our player guide is completed we will be working on a few highly requested feature improvements! Here is a brief breakdown of upgrades expected to be completed within the month of July:

- Player Hiatus
Ability to place an account in vacation mode to prevent horse aging and reduction of days upgraded if applicable

- Battle improvements
Random items given after each battle win
Fixing error regarding challenging a player horse to battle

- Gift offer + Tradelot auto expiration
Automatically cancel a gift offer and/or trade lot after a designated amount of time to

- Removal of aged out horses from the Adoption Lot

Lastly, we have an exciting teaser to announce! We are currently working on a physical copy of the official Celestial Equine breed book. The breed book will be released as a coloring book featuring every CE official breed. We intend on releasing the breed book in two 50 page editions!

To raise awareness and funds, we will be putting together a Kickstarter fundraiser to allow players to preorder digital versions, physical print versions, and even add their own personal breeds to the book with player credit! We will be launching this campaign in about 3 weeks, so stay on the lookout for further information! In the meantime, here is a teaser featuring the Mistlae breed of the Tundra Origin World.


Thank you for reading!


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