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Atrocity: 6-16-21- Minor updates- future features


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Hey all! Two updates within a week??? Whats up with that?

No seriously I've been tinkering on alot of things you can actually see cuz they're minor fixes/aestheitic stuff so Im still doing those randomly.

Some of the stuff I did-

~I did some forum tinkering/added more info/more threads (PLEASE use the forum... I put alotta work into it x.x)

~If you are having issues resetting your password to get into it- please message me and I'll see about fixing it to let you in. You have an account- already- I had to make them all manually.

~Seasons should now appear correctly in the sidebar.

~There are new pet Paints that will appear in habibi's holiday for the 4th of july and new years day (jan 1st) They are animated firework pets. They have two different names (Firework and Fireworks) but they are the same item and do the same thing.. I just needed to make two seperate items to have it show up on two holidays.

~There is a new calendar on the main page of the site- As you can see right now theres two- one at the top of the page and one at the current events area- The top one is temporary while we work on things so you dont miss events- Cuz once we're more established that whole top area will be gone and you can see the actual index page area instead.

Currently working on:

~Changing the Firepits on the maps to cook certain foods, like smores, hotdogs, marshmallows and fish- they will make different things depending on what items you have and where they're located.

~Possibly gonna Make human avatars for those who dont want to be an animal

~Making the closet look better

~Other minor things/fixes

Still waiting on

~Battling Code (with minpets/elements/bosses etc)

~Atrocity War Card game code

~ Spreadable avatar disease code

And more!

Its hard to remember everything when it comes to writing these out lol!!! Anyway as you can see Im hard at work. I thank all of you for your patience!

~Till next time!

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