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Let's Critique This Week: WebCC


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So, lets try this out for size, for the next week (until next Sunday), lets choose WebCC, an old-school tile puzzle game as a topic of critique. I know it is different, but should still a fun topic since it we can discuss game mechanics. This thread will be open until then. Offer any input about the game, along the lines of:

  • What game mechanics do you like?
  • What game mechanics don't work?
  • How do you think Chip's Challenge compares with modern puzzle games?
  • What do you think of Chip's Challenge's overall concept and execution?
  • How would you rate the pacing of the game and the difficulty in later levels?


Also, specific questions about your progress include:

  • How many levels did you make it through?
  • What is your high score. Let's actually compete and have some fun on this one!

Next Sunday, I will give any member who participates 5 Power to their Adoptable after the thread closes as a reward for their time. The highest score I see (screenshot please) will get an additional 15 power because they rock! These are designed to be quick initial impression critiques. If you have played the game exclusively for a while, feel free to go into more depth. I am not expecting a full review, but initial impressions about the games, something any player would notice or get after a short period of play.

What about next week?

This weeks suggestion was brought to you by @SingSong, if you would like to nominate a game for next week, please do not hesitate to send me a message with it!

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So, the main reason I suggested this game is because it used to be freeware on Windows computers. I was curious about how many people remembered it and of those that had played it before what they thought about it after returning to it after so many years.

The current generation has been spoiled with high-detail graphics and 3D images (so much so that it's hard to impress people aesthetically now), but there still is a place for simple puzzle games, right? Most of the popular mobile apps tend to be remakes of old arcade games, and there will always be a group that prefers the touch of nostalgia over anything new that is offered.

Most of us that are developing a game now don't have the resources or even the desire to create 3D games with elaborate animation and are taking a more minimalistic approach. So I thought about this game and how we can learn from older games and decide what elements are worth keeping the same and what things we should do differently,



Is it possible to imagine this particular game as a mobile app if the art were updated? I would say, of course!


What about this game do you still think works when compared to modern games?

What do you think needs to be changed (aside from the art)?


Anyway, I'll put my two cents in toward the end of the week. I hope someone will play with me. :(


These are my scores thus far:



Level 1:
First: 18 Seconds
Best: 17 Seconds

Level 2:
First: 47 Seconds
Best: 28 Seconds

Level 3:
First: 33 Seconds
Best: 25 Seconds

Level 4:
First: 24 Seconds
Best: 16 Seconds

Level 5:
First:47 Seconds
Best: 41 Seconds

Level 6:
First: 48 Seconds
Best: 37 Seconds

Level 7:
First: 63 Seconds
Best: 46 Seconds

Level 8: 
First: 64 Seconds
Best: 55 Seconds

Level 9:
First: 89 Seconds
Best: 19 Seconds

Level 10:
First: 147 Seconds
Best: 42 Seconds



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I made it through 5 levels and have 19 chips. Not sure of any other score indicators. Then quit frustrated and irritated because I made a mistake (pushed the wrong bolder into the water) that would then force me to do the entire level over. There were a couple of sceneros in earlier levels that ended the same way. Level 3 I had to restart a couple of times because of accidental mistakes which I overal find pretty irritating as I do not like to redo the same thing over and over again when there is nothing to be gained from it since the thing to figure out is just how to solve it and I already had solved it, just moved wrong. 

I am really tired right now, so that is probably a factor in my enjoyment of this one, but in general, this just isn't my type of game. I don't particular care for puzzles of this nature, even in games I do like such as pokemon, I usually find the gym puzzles not worth my time and would rather just get to the gym leader (and have them actually be a challenge) instead.

I also couldn't really get into the game but was only playing because it was linked here. There is no story and it's not attractive. So for me there is just no draw. I really don't care about getting a through a puzzle the fastest, or trying for the highest level etc...

As for what I do like, I suppose just solving things can be fun and I do like to figure things out in general. I also like that reseting doesn't seem to be too bad of an affect but you can just try again. Nice when a simple mistake makes you restart the entire level. I also like that the game saves your progress when you exit the browser. Nice since when I decided I was done after level 5 I closed the browser, then released I wanted to double check it was actually level 5. 

Things for improvement for a modern audience, I would say more draw for playing a level and doing it well. Things that could help would be some type of story or reason for winning these levels, where are you going and why? Gaining something by getting through x amount, and doing so at x speed if the goal is to get people to get through a lot and at high speeds. And what are chips for? What are those gate things I keep going through etc... Give people context. A nice soundtrack and sound effects could be an improvement as well. Find the current ones annoying, though I do like that there are sound effects for feedback. 

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What game mechanics do you like? I like that there are literally 4 controls. There is no jump button, no backpack or menus to shuffle through to find what you need. It's simple. I can dig it.

What game mechanics don't work? It works. I remember playing this game for HOURS when I was younger. I don't remember there being any mechanic of the game that was unbelievably frustrating. I do like that they've added save codes for easy return-ability, I don't remember that being a feature. I also wish the map/play screen was a little larger and offered more map visibility. 

How do you think Chip's Challenge compares with modern puzzle games? What do you think of Chip's Challenge's overall concept and execution? Honestly, I love the simplicity of it. It has no story line to follow. It offers no incentives to continue playing other than passing the level. It's a game I can sit down and mindlessly play for 2 minutes or 2 hours. I don't need to continue the game to figure out what's next or to obtain more gold to purchase better upgrades or hidden rooms, etc. I like that it requires minimal effort and it fixes the puzzle-game itch. I've noticed a lot of modern puzzle games want to give you coins or tiers to get you excited to level up or continue through the game and this just isn't always appealing to me. Sometimes it's nice but sometimes you just need something to mush your brain with.

How would you rate the pacing of the game and the difficulty in later levels? I think it paces itself well and teaches you what you need to know slowly through each level. 


I made it to level 6 while sitting here this evening. I doubt I'll play anymore tonight (I just got off a 13 hour shift with another one tomorrow so my brain is a bit fried). My times were awfully deplorable :laugh:



Level 1: 21 seconds.
Level 2: 42 seconds.
Level 3: 57 seconds.
Level 4: 20 seconds.
Level 5: 68 seconds.


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