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CelestialEquine: June Updates!


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June Updates!

Good Evening, CE players!

Today's news post will cover the following updates

- June Breed Expansion
- New Gene Releases
- Lore Release

Keep reading to learn more!

In honor of our June Tropical Ruins theme, we have chosen the Gruele breed for our monthly breed expansion. The Gruele received a brand-new mane/tail set, new horns, 3 body colors, and additional CE markings + eyes. Did you know the Gruele is the 40th breed to be released on CE? Head on over to the horse creation area to create your own!


Recolors of the new Gruele genes have also arrived! You can find these beautiful genes stocking in the Magic Shop. In addition to recolors, the Magic Shop also has an exclusive variation of the new horns featured on the Gruele - Check out this beautiful deco add-on! As usual, these genetics are only available throughout the month of June. We will provide a spotlight package for those of you interested in stocking up on exclusive genes!

To compliment our June genetics, we have also released brand-new wearables to the Celestial Market!


After a long hiatus, the Royal Family is back! Will Nyssa and Ingrid join forces and journey back to the Royal Palace together? Check out the latest chapter of Lore and find out!

If you are new to CE lore, check out the lore area to start Chapter 1!

Thank you for reading today's update! We will post another update this Friday to cover development, a new contest, and more!


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