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Angelic Dabu

Have you been wishing for a guardian angel? Your wish has been granted, because the Angelic Dabu has made its majestic arrival to Terrafrost! This loyal Pet is one you can always rely on to stay by your side and watch over you. After a long day of flying, they also love to cuddle up on your lap so you can pet their soft and silky wings.

Party Dabu

And if you're looking for a Pet that loves to party, the Party Dabu is the friend you need! They're simply bursting with energy and positivity; if you're having a gloomy day, the Party Dabu is sure to brighten your mood right up. Be sure to keep a good stock of sugary drinks when you have this Pet around!

Both of these wonderful Dabus were funded by @HyperHare88!

Angelic Dabu Morphing Potion Party Dabu Morphing Potion

If you're looking for either of these two brand new Dabus, you'll have to purchase the Angelic Dabu Morphing Potion and the Party Dabu Morphing Potion. You can find them both at the Snow Jar Igloo, or at the Ice Shop for just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Users) until the end of June.

Angelic Dabu Plushie Party Dabu Plushie

Still can't get enough Dabu content? We've also released two Plushies to go along with these new Pets! Check out the Plushie Palace for the Angelic Dabu Plushie and Party Dabu Plushie, also funded by @HyperHare88! They will be rewarded by the Book Quest and requested by the Plushie Quest starting next week.

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