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What do you want see in a sim?


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Hello everyone! Recently, a dragon sim project has popped up and I wanted to get some feedback on an important topic. What would you like to see from sims? I am hoping that getting more feedback from others can help streamline the project as well as help future developers see what people are seeking, what can be improved upon, etc. Thank you for your time and feedback! If you would like to help the creator with ideas and suggestions or if you have skillsets such as coding and do not mind volunteering, feel free to drop by the discord! Hope to see you around and thanks for your help!


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These are the things that I look for before I join a site:

Is it a pet sim or a pet site? I'd much rather play a sim game than a pet site.

A streamline and fun explore system. I love it when I can find more pets/mates, items, and stats etc. in explore. Lioden is probably the best known example of this type of system. I also really like Wild Horse Valley's explore system as it's building itself up as more of a rpg system.

A genetics based breeding system. Not a huge fan of color wheels and color mixers in general.

Nice art and varied markings. I've never been one of those people that can just look at stats and go based on that. It just doesn't hold my attention.

Above all, I just want a sim that isn't about wolves, dogs, or horses. The fact that lioden was about lions was the main reason I first got into it once upon a time.

I will definitely stay updated on this dragon sim, simply because it is a dragon sim.

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