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IcePets.com: Revamps, Quests, and a New Plushie!


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Survivor Stamp Survivors ExplosionSurvivors Rocket
Survivors Score Boost Survivors Temporary Shield

Are you a fan of Survivor? Do you like to collect up-to-date merchandise of your favorite IcePets games? Then you're in luck! The Survivor Stamp, Survivors Explosion, Survivors Rocket, Survivors Score Boost, and Survivors Temporary Shield have all received some updated artwork! If your collection is still missing these Items, be sure to swing by the Battle Shop and the United Terrafrost Post Office to complete the set!

If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac.

Cenni And Golli Plush

Starting today, a mysterious new Plushie, funded by @Lokki, will be hitting the shelves of the Plushie Palace. It's rather shy and introverted, but just like all of Patches' creations, the Cenni And Golli Plush is soft and cuddly as can be. A week from today, the Plushie Quest will be asking for this new addition, and it will also be rewarded by the Book Quest.

Party Ducky Toast With Egg Blue Sock And Ball

Time to stock up on some Toys and Food! From today until May 30th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the Space Quest will be offering double rewards and double the Quest opportunities!

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