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Hiring: Need Extensions for LoreKeeper (Breeding, Beauty Contest, Mile Tracker)


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Hey everyone!
I've owned an ARPG for a long while now and we're working on automating much of the process. 

With this we're switching our process over to LoreKeeper ( https://github.com/corowne/lorekeeper ), but it doesn't fulfill some of our needs.

Breeding Roller

Our genetic system is based on rarity rather than genes, with 5 categories;

  • Free (100% chance of inherit)
  • Common (75% chance of inherit)
  • Uncommon (50% chance of inherit)
  • Rare (25% chance of inherit)
  • Legendary (1% chance of inherit)

What we'd need is a gene roller that would have the player redeem a token that allows the breeding, then select the parents from a drop-down list of their own characters. They'd then click "Confirm", and get a popup asking them to confirm a second time. The roller would pull the traits from the selected characters and determine which the offspring character would receive. We also need it to be able to make between 1 and 2 per breeding activity, which would be random. 

The way this would differ from a normal breed roller in a pet game sim would be that it wouldn't generate a visual image. Instead, it just lists the traits out for the user to then either create themselves or redeem with our artist team. We'd like this to create a "Masterlist" image (pet profile), that displays a sort of "coming soon" image and the listed traits.

I'm not a great coder. I can do Discord Bots at best, so if there's something in here that needs revising or discussion I'm happy to make adjustments for a better or more comprehensive outcome.


A Beauty Contest

The "Beauty Contest", I think, is pretty simple. Users enter the contest by selecting their character. There's a fee that I'd like to be able to set from our admin panel. It imports the character's "Masterlist Image" (the equivalent of a pet picture on a pet site), then allow users to vote on which they like best. We'd like to run these for 2 weeks and then have the prizes automatically awarded (a particular amount of points and an item for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place).

We'd also like a secondary "Beauty Contest" section where users can upload their own artwork of their character. This one, I imagine, is a little more complex because we'd also like the ability to remove images that aren't appropriate. Otherwise, it runs like the above Beauty Contest.

We'd like to be able to set the prizes for these in the Admin Panel.


Walk-A-Long App

If anyone is willing to also give me a quote for a future implementation, please DM me as well. It's a mobile component that would work as an app to allow the character to "travel" with the player and collect random items and points for how long they walked. Think Pocket Pikachu, not Pokemon Go. I'd need it to track distance via GPS (which would require the download of the app as well as the user to agree to the GPS tracking), and random events, mile markers, and for the rewards to be applied automatically. I'd also like it to be able to be able to tell when a user is trying to cheat the system, and also have a daily cap.


I'm looking for quotes, examples of other work, references, and time frames for completion. I can pay 50% down and 50% upon completion (same as I'd ask for my artwork :) ).

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