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What to expect next week (starting April 17th)


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So, I am gonna try and start these what to expect threads once a week, and try to setup what to expect coming up in the next for members. I think this will help our members know what is going to come up, as well as allow me to frame out the next week ahead. As always, plans may change due to circumstances, but these are usually goals that are always of importance.

For those that have read some threads, my daily work life although it has it freedoms, can get hectic (a-la last week)... as I am sure some of yours do too - so I am hoping these weekly threads will help you know whats coming up, and hopefully I can get you all excited about the next week as I tend to get.

Week of April 17th, you can expect:

  • An Adoptables System update.
  • A Game List update.
  • A means to allow the forums to support our Core Members and marketplace more directly.
  • New Let's Critique This Week (this time not a pet site!)
  • New Power Bonus.

Along with this, I will be working with our community leaders and a few of you guys on different community things so keep your eyes open.

So.. do you guys like the idea of me trying to frame out what the next week looks like community wise?

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