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IcePets.com: A Rainbow of New Stamps


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Black Snow Jar Stamp Blue Snow Jar Stamp Brown Snow Jar Stamp Cottoncandy Snow Jar Stamp
Green Snow Jar Stamp Grey Snow Jar Stamp Ice Snow Jar Stamp Orange Snow Jar Stamp
Pink Snow Jar Stamp Purple Snow Jar Stamp Snowdrift Snow Jar Stamp Turquoise Snow Jar Stamp
White Snow Jar Stamp Yellow Snow Jar Stamp

A rainbow of brand new Stamps are hot off the press and ready to join your collection! When you stop by the United Terrafrost Post Office to check them out, be sure to give Yogi a thumbs up for his hard work.

This new release includes the Black, Blue, Brown, Cottoncandy, Green, Grey, Ice, Orange, Pink, Purple, Snowdrift, Turquoise, White, and Yellow Snow Jar Stamps. Whether you're a fan of Snow Jars or simply looking for a pop of colour in your Stamp Collection, you're sure to be satisfied with these new additions.

Red Snow Jar Stamp

The existing Red Snow Jar Stamp has received a visual update along with these releases, making sure the stamp's appearence reflects the current Red Snow Jar colours!

Moon Pie Starry Ducky Planetarium Bouncy Balls

It's time for another questing weekend! Until May 16th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the daily limit and prizes for the Space Quest will be doubled! Be sure to read up on the Space Quest guide books and stock up on items to make the most of this opportunity.

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