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Red Token Blue Token Yellow Token

Have you visited Cecie to pick up your hourly token? If not, now's the perfect time to do so! To ensure that our Token system is up-to-date, we've implemented a few changes regarding Token values and exchanges.

- All basic coloured Tokens can now be purchased at the Token Booth.
- Orange, Green, and Purple Tokens are now worth 10,000 IcePoints each. The Bronze Token is now worth 15,000 IcePoints. In addition, the value of each Token's respective Ice Cube has been adjusted to match.
- The values of the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tokens, as well as their Ice Cubes, have also been adjusted to reflect these new values.
- Primary coloured Tokens are now equally interchangeable -- in other words, a Red, Yellow, or Blue token can be exchanged for one another.
- Blue and Red Tokens can be exchanged together for a Purple Token.
- Red and Yellow Tokens can be exchanged together for an Orange Token.
- Blue and Yellow Tokens can be exchanged together for a Green Token.
- Red, Blue, and Yellow tokens can be exchanged together for a Bronze Token.

Purple Token Ice Cube Gold Token Ice Cube Platinum Token Ice Cube

And that's not all, either! To top it all off, all of the Token Ice Cubes have also received some updated artwork. As always, these Ice Cubes can be obtained by freezing the respective Tokens at the Ice Box.

Due to the more drastic changes in price for certain Tokens and their Ice Cubes, Staff will be monitoring these Items for a few weeks and will make changes if we find them necessary. Any changes will be noted in our IcePets Change Log.

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