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Pocket Puma Pets: Marking Release


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Some new and unusual markings have appeared...

And they are all available for PENCE! :)

Colorize ★

This marking is a full-body colorizer! Anything BELOW this marking will be colored based on what you apply. (Yes, even paradigms!)

It is applied with a Colorize Cabochon!


Available for 5,000,000 PP in [ Miss Mingo's ]

[ Click here for an example of Colorize! ]

We also have some sets of small markings I have dubbed Minimarks!

The Minimark Splatters contain 3 markings each to their theme, you can choose ONE, then the splatter is used up.
If you wish to apply all three, you will need to buy three!


Minimark Splatter - Flowers
• Flowers - Eye
• Flowers - Rump
• Flowers - Shoulder

Minimark Splatter - Gears
• Gears - Eye
• Gears - Rump
• Gears - Shoulder

Minimark Splatter - Heart
• Heart - Eye
• Heart - Rump
• Heart - Shoulder

Minimark Splatter - Stella
• Stella - Eye
• Stella - Rump
• Stella - Shoulder

[ Flowers Example ]
[ Gears Example ]
[ Heart Example ]
[ Stella Example ]

These are available for 3,000,000 PP in [ Miss Mingo's ]

Enjoy :D and be sure to check out the news posts below for the Wishing Kettle and Geek Month news!

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