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Black Ducky Ice Cube Brown Ducky Ice Cube Cottoncandy Ducky Ice Cube Cubed Ducky Ice Cube

Dreamworld Ducky Ice Cube Dead Evil Ducky Ice Cube Ice Ducky Ice Cube Love Ducky Ice Cube

Mythical Ducky Ice Cube Snowdrift Ducky Ice Cube Turquoise Ducky Ice Cube White Ducky Ice Cube

Got some spare Duckies lying around? Or are you simply looking to expand your Ice Cube Collection? Either way you're in luck, because today we're releasing a new batch of Ducky Ice Cubes, all funded by @Silvy! This includes the Black, Brown, Cottoncandy, Cubed, Dreamworld, Dead Evil, Ice, Love, Mythical, Snowdrift, Turquoise, and White Ducky Ice Cubes. These Ice Cubes cannot be purchased in stores; instead, you will need to bring the respective Duckies to the Ice Box and freeze 'em up.

Chocolate Traptur Cookie Saturn Lollipop Gingerbread Wulfer Cookie

It's time for another sugar-filled weekend! Starting April 30th, the prizes and daily limit for the Candy Quest will be doubled! Stock your inventory with some tasty goodies and bring them to The Chocolate Lover for some extra prizes before May 2nd, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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