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Baby Trido

It's tiny, bouncy, and wants nothing more than to fall asleep in your arms -- the Baby Trido has arrived, thus completing the collection of Baby-themed Pets! This adorable new Pet is simply a must-have for anyone who needs a little extra cuteness in their life. When they're not napping and sipping warm milk, the Baby Trido is always eager to play with some Plushies or teething toys.

Baby Traptur

And in case that wasn't enough, there's even more adorable news! We've also revamped the design of the classic Baby Traptur. This precious little tyke is fresher than ever and ready for a game of peek-a-boo!

Baby Trido Morphing Potion Baby Traptur Morphing Potion

If you've come down with a case of baby fever, you'll surely want one of these adorable Pets as your own. Check out the Snow Jar Igloo for the new Baby Trido Morphing Potion and the revamped Baby Traptur Morphing Potion. Or, you can head over to the I.C.E. Shop and find them both for 500 IC (450 for Gold Users) until the end of April.

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