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Wajas: Edition 1, Wajas Times Weekly Newspaper


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This is a quick reminder that Earth Tokens were put into the shop on Earth Day and will be removed on Saturday. Good afternoon Wajas folks! This week is the start of something new I hope to keep up for the long run, and that is weekly Wajas Newspapers. They will include information like the winners through the week (please note depending on how many winners there are, this might be altered from how it's displayed on this paper currently, expect big differences during FoF announcements for example). They will also include notes about what are some things Staff has done this week (this is not a complete list as they are always up to more behind the scenes than could put fit into three pages), and new items / marking notes will be going here (I will do my best to give them all a proper highlight, but if I miss any, please don't fret too hard, this is meant to be a fun thing and not the end all be all). The Newspapers will be posted on our SM platforms and then added to th

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