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http://www.icepets.com/images/Pets/Krittle/Krittle_Pirate.pngPirate Krittle Morphing Potion

You hear distant sea shanties, and you spot a ship on the sea's horizon... Look atop the mast, and you will catch a glimpse of the mighty Pirate Krittle! This adventurous new Pet, funded by @Cibola, is bursting with pride and ambition, but after a long and tiring journey, it wants nothing more than a friend to cuddle up to.

If you'd like a Pirate Krittle of your own, you'll want to get your hands (or hook?) on a Pirate Krittle Morphing Potion. This Item can be found at the ICE Shop for just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Users) until the end of the month. It can also be found at the Token Booth year-round!

And that's not the only pet we're introducing today!


The fierce and elegant Mythical Xephyr, funded by @WildFloof, has also made its grand arrival to Terrafrost. Within this Pet lies immense power, but what they truly seek is a loving home and a good stock of Beauty Items. You'll want to make sure to brush them daily!

Mythical Snow Jar

Want this magical creature to be a part of your family? You'll need to own a Xephyr, first; then, you'll have to head over to the I.C.E. Shop and buy yourself a Mythical Snow Jar. They can be found year-round for only 500 IC (450 for Gold Users).

Mythical Xephyr Plushie

Are you a fan of the Mythical Xephyr, but you can't get your hands on the real thing? Don't worry -- with this new Pet comes its Plushie counterpart! The Mythical Xephyr Plushie, also funded by @WildFloof, will be stocked on the shelves of the Plushie Palace, and will be given as a reward from the Book Quest. A week from today, Samuel will be asking for it in the Plushie Quest.

Baby Jexta Plushie Springtime Surprise Basket Chubee

As we make our way into the warm and lively season of spring, you'll want to keep an eye out for the Springtime Surprise Basket. True to its name, within this neatly-woven basket is a wonderful spring-themed surprise. Two brand new Items have been added to the possible gifts that you can find inside; the Baby Jexta Plushie and the Companion known as theChubee. The basket can now be found at any NPC Shop (except for Snow Jar Igloo and Golden Touch) and rewarded from quests until April 29th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

Chocolate Grape Sharshel Candy Milk Chocolate Makoat Bar Saturn Lollipop

Got a sweet tooth? Starting this weekend, the Candy Quest will be doubling its daily limit and prizes. This will last until April 18th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so stock up on some goodies and get your head in questing mode!

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