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Wajas: Doodlecorns Magic


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Hey all! If you missed the previous news post, please be sure to check it out. It's regarding the monthly items :) Also, the amazing Commando has expanded on the Doodlecorn Chapter in the library. When you go there now, you should see: If you dont have any Doodles, it will suggest checking out our Etsy shop to see if any are in stock. If you do have some Doodles, you'll see something similar to this: It will list off all of your Doodles, their quantity generated and how many you have in your inventory. When you select the Doodle it gives you the chance to generate more! There is not currently a limit to how many you can create HOWEVER, each extra is 1 CWP . There is a confirmation popup to make the purchase as well. I hope this helps alleviate some of the stresses some of you were experiencing! ~ Zestu

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