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Atrocity: 3-8-2021 - lots being worked on! boss fights


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Hello Atrocitians!

We have some new stuff happening around here! Let me update you!

***New clothes

There are some new clothes- recolorable galaxy clothes-

****Thanks to Pixeldream  theres now a really pretty crystal paintbrush! You cant buy this one in the store though! You have to get this by crafting all the special ores from the crystal caves together! (Air,water,fire and dark)

The information is on the encyclopedia-

This is the area specific to the new pets-

****You can also see that I moved the encyclopedia to the forums.. much easier to update.

***Also thanks to Pixeldream we have some sketchy pets!
These paints are available in the regular shop.

***Npcs now ask you for items/reward you for giving them those items (Still being worked on)
Shop npcs now ask you for things they're looking for!

These are still being added (As there are alot of npcs... ) but they all work the same. The current NPCS that have quests (As of this news post)

Bookstore (Elise)
Catari Necessities (Cheyl)
Caratrises candy (Caratrise)
Delilahs drinks (Delilah)

As mentioned I will keep adding onto this list of npcs. You also get friendship levels with each npc and the higher the friendship the rarer the items they give you. Also you get an achievement when you reach 100 friendship points with them.

***Profile tabs are fixed thanks to Lostinescape. They are awesome and are helping me with a bunch of stuff right now- if you get the chance leave them a nice profile message.

**Boss battles! There will now be boss battles-! They arent as fancy as the upcoming battling update but these are at least something for now- we plan to make holiday bosses and things.

Your pet can attack once a day- and at the end when the enemies hp reaches 0 you can collect prizes.. everyone fights this enemy. (Again it will change to soemthing else this is my test enemy) Again Lostinescape helped me fix this- There will be a banner on the front page when theres a boss to fight !

***Thanks to Kristhasirah we have a much prettier memberlist!


***There are now amounts of the trophies/achievements/medals etc that you have in a tooltip


Thats all I have for this update!

~Till next time
Back to work!

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