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Contest and Competition Idea Thread!

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Hello all,

This is an open forum for any member to suggest any competition or contest they would be interested in TGL having. We are always open to new contest ideas, and would love to have very regular contests and competitions here on the boards for our members as we think they provide fun and allow our members to compete in a fun and engaging way!

So please, do not hesitate to suggest any competition or contest that you would love to see us have!

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I personally never enter contests because I find it so much easier to just do commissions =D But maybe someone else would be interested. 

Edit: Unless it's something I personally find fun to draw, but that can be pretty random xD

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@digital I know art contests on VPL were usually pretty unsuccessful,  mostly due to artists being too busy with their own commissions and real life.

I'm not sure if a descriptive writing contest would be the same, or if it would be more popular as it's somewhat more open to people. I know I'd always enter writing competitions personally.

How well has the posting contest gone so far? I don't know if it would either encourage spam or encourage valuable contributions but if it's worked so far maybe do that as a monthly thing? 

Also, how easy would it be to set up referral IDs and we could do a referral contest. Points based, one point for a sign up and 3 points for when they reach 10 posts or something.

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52 minutes ago, Callum said:

I don't know if it would either encourage spam or encourage valuable contributions

In my experience with VPL and another forum that did a posting contest, the majority of the content produced in the duration of the contest was junk. I'd be wary of them. Though doing it often might drown out the junk over time since people know they have other chances, it might level things out? Or it could just keep producing junk as people keep fighting for it. It could go either way. Perhaps particular ground rules? Like the idea of posting guides and encouraging that for more points for this one I'd say is a step in the right direction and could work out better in the long term.

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Yeah, I like how a bonus was offered for writing guides. It did make me want to put time into creating one (and I'm still thinking of doing one before the end of the contest). So far, I think everyone's been pretty good during this contest. I haven't seen spam, and everyone's been friendly, yet competitive.  ^_^

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