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Silicon Ridix Pen Tablet

Monkey Ducky Bird Watcher Ducky Frankenducky Camouflage Ducky

If you want to surprise your Pets with some fun new gifts for Amourok, now's a better time than ever! Next time you head over to the Toy Trunk you'll surely want to check out these exciting new additions. The Silicon Ridix Pen, funded by @steel_galaxy, and Tablet, funded by @IcePrincess, are perfect for Pets with an artistic side! Or if you're looking for a bathtime friend, perhaps the new line of Duckies, funded by @Silvy, will be up your alley. The Monkey Ducky, Bird Watcher Ducky, Frankenducky, and Camouflage Ducky will look simply adorable on your bathroom shelves! All of these wonderful Items will be rewarded by the Plushie Quest and will be requested by the Space Quest in one week.

Snappy Shark Plush Soft Jellyfish Plush Snuggly Sea Turtle Plush
Sea Horse Ice Cube Coral Reef Stamp

Though summer and beach season is a long ways away, the waves of the oceans are still roaring. If you're someone with an appreciation for marine life year-round, you'll certainly love this upcoming collection, all funded by @gotchalocket. The Snappy Shark Plush, Soft Jellyfish Plush, and the Snuggly Sea Turtle Plush are waiting for you on the shelves of Plushie Palace, and will also be rewarded by Book Quest. Starting next week, Samuel will be asking for them in the Plushie Quest, so you'll surely want to have them on hand. And that's not all! We also have a new ocean-themed Ice Cube -- the Sea Horse Ice Cube, to be exact. This can be found at the Frozen Collectives Emporium, or rewarded by the Space Quest. And if you've unlocked the Snowman Quest, they may be seeking this new Ice Cube starting next week. Finally, we have the Coral Reef Stamp. This beautiful collectible can be found at none other than the United Terrafrost Post Office.

Blue TokenRed TokenPurple Token

After years of handing Tokens to loyal Terrafrostians, Cecie has accepted an offer of a paid vacation and will be spending some time taking a well-deserved break! Who could be behind this, however? But more importantly, who will be rewarding Tokens to visitors while she's gone?

Mythical Novyn Statue Stamp

Speaking of strange happenings, it seems like the mysterious Anomaly Statue has been found plastered with Mythical Noyvn Statue Stamps! Things are getting a little rambunctious around here.

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