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Pocket Puma Pets: Our Latest Update & Campaigns!


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I am sure many of you noticed our side bar changed a bit!

• Mysterous new CAMPAIGNS oooOOooo!

• The Inbreeding Tool (to check if a breeding would be inbred or not) has been moved off the sidebar and into [ Resources ]

• Puma, Item and User Search are now under their own sidebar header "Search"!


This awesome new feature is a way for us to run Community Events!

• They are oriented around community effort, we need to work together to achieve the goals of the campaign.
• Individual effort is not tracked, and you don't have to participate to get rewards.
• EVERYONE can claim prizes and benefit from goals being met!
• You only have up to one month after a campaign ends to claim the rewards, so don't wait too long!

As an introduction to Campaigns, I have put together our first one: Like a Puma!

[ Like A Puma! ]

You can find the goals and rewards of a Campaign by clicking Campaigns on the side bar, and then clicking the image or title of the Campaign.

We have much more in store for P3 soon, I hope you're excited!

Also, any feedback on whether I should move "Campaigns" above "Users Online"?
I am so used to it being the bottom link-- it has been a little weird when I go to find a profile to click. Give me your thoughts!

EDIT: I moved it. :')


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