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CelestialEquine: New year, New CE!


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New year, New CE!

Good evening, CE players!

We have a ton of fun new updates to share with everyone as we jump headfirst into 2021! This news post will cover new genetic releases, new items, game updates, and a rough development plan for the first quarter of the year. We are so excited to share some fun ideas with you!

Banner Update
As you all may have noticed, we have released a brand-new beautiful banner for everyone to enjoy! Big thank you to our site artist, Ellastasia, for her wonderful contribution to the site!


Abreem Breed Build
Our January gene and wearable spotlight is the Plains World! For those of you who did not see our latest update, we have began improving/building upon our fantastic CE original breeds. This month, The Abreem received a beautiful new horn set, new feathering, new mane/tail, and (2) new white markings. You can create this beautiful breed by navigating to the Horse Creation area from the exploration map and selecting the Plains Origin World!

In addition to the Abreem genes, we have also released additional colors to the Magic Shop. These new genes will be available on the Abreem year-round, but the recolors available in the Magic Shop will only stock during the month of January. Stock up while you can!

Market Releases
The Celestial Market and Armory has also been stocked with brand-new wearables to collect! These wearables include new armor, battle banners featuring the CE logo, and some neat "traveler" style outfits to mix and match. All releases follow our January "Plains" color theme. These new items will be available for the month of January in the market shops!


Cash Shop Releases
Lastly, the Cash Shop has been restocked with a fresh set of genes to collect along with a new Cash Shop Breed auction! We have added a handful on new Spotlight Packages for those of you who love to grab complete sets of genes along with individual options to pick and choose from. Check out these releases from the Cash Shop drop down on your navigation bar!


Development Update
Onto Development! We have big plans for January, February, and March. To kick off January with a bang, we are preparing to make a move to a rebuilt server to address speed and resource concerns. This move also includes code upgrades and other quality control measures. We expect to make this move this coming Sunday, which will result in a few hours of downtime. We will give plenty of reminders between now and Sunday, but plan on CE being unavailable for a bit this weekend.

In addition to the server move, we have the following planned for Q1
- Overlay tutorial for new members + tutorial segments on main feature pages
- Elder Quest upgrade (integration of lore and enhanced prizes)
- Beauty Contest Top Score Spotlight (on top score page + Beauty Contest page)
- Tool Tip hover for Celestial Exploration map
- Private breed registry enhancements (breeding limitations set by breed owner)

Bug monitoring will continue while we work on these new features + tweaks!

Staff Opportunities

We are looking for 1-2 moderators to join the CE staff team! Moderators assist with monitoring the forums + discord, participate in feature testing, and also assist with administrative tasks such as uploading genes and/or creating items for monthly releases. Applicants should be in good standing with current staff and also have a neutral reputation on the game to ensure moderation continues to be fair/non-bias.

Moderators are rewarded with in-game perks such as a free upgraded account, 2-3 free Cash Shop items per month, and early access to new features. To apply, simply email us at [email protected] with the following completed form!

CURRENT CE ACTIVITY TIME: (how often you are online, etc)
WHAT AREAS ARE YOUR STRENGTHS?: (writing, creativity, organization, etc)

Writing Assistant
In addition to moderators, we are looking for 1 writing assistant to help complete the overlay tutorial. Applicants should have a thorough understanding of the game! The selected applicant will be compensated with free in-game perks (to be discussed privately).

To apply, simply email us at [email protected] with the following completed form:

Playername and id:
Previous writing experience:
Length of time active on CE:
Snippet example of informative writing:

That wraps up our news post! Thank you for reading and happy gaming!


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