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CelestialEquine: Gene Book and other updates!


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Gene Book and other updates!

The gene book is officially live! Thank you all for your patience while we worked out the kinks to ensure this area is perfect and fulfills everyone's needs. For those of you who are either new to the game or have not seen discussion around the Gene Book, here is a brief description of the area:

The Gene Book serves as a reference point for every gene available on the game and is located in the Celestial Library (accessible through the Exploration Map). The Gene Book is divided up by gene type and lists various information about the selected gene on its entry page. The Gene Book lists the owner of the gene, the number of non-retired horses with the gene, breeds the gene is registered to, associated item, and shows a preview area to "try on" the gene using any horse in a player's barn.

In addition to releasing the Gene Book, we have also modified horse profiles to connect to this new area! The genetic table on horse profiles now hyperlinks to the associated gene entry page. Private genes are also noted by a star beside the gene. The goal here was to give players something to reference to determine a gene's value along with their horse's value as a whole.

Mistlae Gene Expansion

We decided to jumpstart our new breed expansion initiative and released brand-new Mistlae genetics today! For those of you who are not familiar with the expansion initiative, here is a brief breakdown. Each month we will add new genes to CE Original breeds depending on the season and theme. These new genes will include recolors, refinement/revision of existing genes, and entirely new genes! Our goal is to add value to CE Original breeds and keep new gene releases high quality and meaningful. Wondering how this will change our monthly market releases? We will still release a handful of new wearables/gene recolors each month in addition to the expanded genes in item form. While the recolor releases have been fun, the amount of genes released each month is not sustainable. In addition to the new genes, we are working hard rendering items for all CE original genes. These genes/wearables will have various rarity and will help to add even more diversity to the market shops.

Now back to the Mislae gene release! This breed received 3 new body colors, 3 new feathering colors, 3 new ribbon colors, 3 new mane/tail colors, 4 new solid horns, 4 new floral horns, and additional eyes/white marking/hooves. You can check out this breed in the Tundra Origin world!

Winter Glam Parade Contest

We are hosting yet another fun dress-up contest in the forums! Interested in a chance to win some awesome goodies, including gems? Hop on over to the forums and check out this thread for information regarding contest rules, how to enter, and more! Winners will be selected December 24th.

Stay Connected!

Did you know CE is on Instagram and Facebook? We have been awfully quiet on our platforms as of late but are gearing up for consistent feature teasers, contests, and more on our social media accounts! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about new releases, see fun art updates, and participate in contests.

2020 Development Wrap-Up

It is shocking to be nearing the middle of December, but here we are! This year has been so phenomenal from a development standpoint and we are so excited to see what is accomplished in 2021. To wrap-up 2020, we are expecting to release the following changes:

- Organization/Division of breed drop-down list. Segmenting CE Original breeds, player-owned Private breeds, and Registered breeds.

- Modification to breeding settings (public without approval, private requiring approval, and search upgrades)

- Elder Quest Modifications (static characters, lore integration, design update, and more)

To kick off 2021, we will dive into Alliances and resume our fantastic Celestial Lore!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for additional updates.


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