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Double POWER Weekend (April 7 - April 10)

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Double POWER Weekend
Get Double POWER for each post or like from April 7th (NOW) to April 10th 8AM PDT


To celebrate getting 1,000 posts, over 200 topics, and now over 60 members - enjoy this bonus weekend and raise those pets up properly. For this weekend only, we have doubled the amount of power your active pet will gain on posts and getting likes on posts. Along with several fun posts we are writing and our existing topics, and any new topics you guys want to share, this is the perfect opportunity to participate and evolve your Adoptables!

  • Want to level up your pet and get it evolved? Now's the time!
  • Want to evolve and work on a new adoptable? This weekend is a good chance!
  • Want to have over 9000 power, so people can say "IT'S OVER 9000!" - go for it, you can do it!

This event goes on until April 10 at 8AM PDT, when the normal power gains return, so don't delay!

* Note: Getting 9000 power on a pet would be foolhardy, this one is a joke. Feel free to attempt it though - but please don't spam.

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