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CelestialEquine: December Updates!


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December Updates!

Good Evening, CE players!

We have a brief but fun news update for everyone to kick off December + the Winter season! Today's update will cover recent releases, development updates, revisions to our monthly/seasonal item + gene releases, and more. Keep reading to stay in the loop!

December + Winter Rotation
As you have noticed, fall and November items have cycled out of the Cash Shop/Celestial Markets and has been replaced by an icy wonderland! Whether you are looking for a festive look or a soft icy look, the shops are sure to fulfill your needs.

We will continue to release small batches of genes and wearables to the Cash Shop and Markets throughout the month, so be sure to check back regularly!

Development Updates
We have officially launched our Celestial Item Book! The item book lists every item available on Celestial Equine by category and includes everything you need to know about a specific item. From the stock cycle to the number in circulation, this area is your one stop shop for all item related information!

We are still hard at work finishing our Gene Book, which will give players the ability to view every gene available within CE, try genes on in a sophisticated gene previewing area, and also give insight to a gene’s rarity based on how many horses have the gene. This should help players understand the value of their horses and give guidance to pricing horses based on gene rarity. In addition to the book itsself, this area will tie into your horse's genetic table for easy access to information about your horse's genes! This is slated to release within December. Thank you all for your patience as we know this is a highly anticipated area.

Remaining 2020 Plans
2020 has been a wild yet highly productive year for Celestial Equine! While we missed the mark by a bit regarding our development projections, we are still so proud of how far CE has come from the start of the year. The remainder of 2020 will be spent perfecting our feature plans for Q1 releases, cleaning up remaining bugs, and continuing to improve the UI of CE based on user feedback. Please remember to utilize the suggestion area of the forums as this is the primary area we pull feature tweaks from!

We are continuing to evolve into such a fun community and it is even more exciting to map out the beginning of 2021! With that being said, here is a small snapshot of what we would like to accomplish during Q1 (January - March) of 2021.

- Elder Quest Revisions
    - The Elder Quests will receive official NPC characters with an interactive area for completing quests. Quests will receive an official story line which ties into the Celestial Lore
- Alliances
    - Our highly anticipated Alliances will provide additional activities to complete with your favorite horses. More information to come! No spoilers here ;)
- General Gameplay Enhancements
    - As always, we will continue to acknowledge highly requested tweaks/additions to currently live features. This also includes attention to bugs!

Revisions to Monthly Market Releases
After four months of testing our new themed release methods, we are pleased to announce our newest release concept which will begin January 2021! While we have enjoyed releasing gene recolors and new accessories for your beautiful horses, we feel that this burst of genes takes away from the excitement of creating and refining horses stemming from CE Original breeds.

Moving forward, we will spotlight one CE original breed each month and provide a new "gene expansion" for the selected breed. This will include new genes and color varieties. The Magic Shop releases will include recolors of the new genes along with a handful of recolors similar to our current method of releasing. This will result in less being released at a time, but higher quality genes to choose from! This concept will also apply to the wearable releases.

I hope you all are excited for January and the idea of brand-new genes to play with!

To wrap up this news post, we have officially reopened Breed and gene orders! Please take a look at our updated order guidelines here.

Thank you for reading!


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