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Exabyss.com: November 2020 Digest


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-Trophies have been added and can be accessed on the top menu! There are currently 10 trophies total with plans to add many more over time.
-The referral system is now available. You can access it under the friends page. The rewards include items, avatar equipment, and even pets! The referrals page also has a handy link you can share to refer your friends.
-On the friends page, clicking on a pet will now set it as the favorite to bring into battle with you. If no favorite is set, then it will continue to be random.
-The battle loading screen has been revamped.
-Ailment damage/regen number is now consolidated into one value rather than displaying each one individually.
-Regen will now only heal if the participant is not already at full health.
-Fixed a bug where poisoned and injured damage was not working.
-Power has been removed as it did not add much value and cluttered the interface.
-Poison and injured damage are now based on a % of max HP.
-If you land a critical in battle, it will now apply to all AoE targets.
-HP bar backgrounds are no longer tranparent.


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