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Atrocity: 11-15-2020 - a buncha new stuff!


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Konnichiwa Ya'll! Your friendly Site Owner Ittermat here! I've got some new stuff for ya! I've been working off and on on some new stuff- just cuz I enjoy adding new stuff... Unfortunately it has to be new stuff within y realm of ability.. butttt its better than nothing right? At least im tryin!

I redid the Other site icons so they fit better and now have tooltips!

Energy bar needs some tweaking so we added a thing that lets you know the numbers at 100/200 , 50/200 and 0/200


Added some more plantera outcomes too!



The bakeneko shrine will now catch you cheating


~I fixed a few things normal users wont ever see, (mostly in the item creation in the ACP)
~I added an arcade to the forum, there is now games that you can win stuff from if you get a high score.
~You can also buy certain items in the forum shop that you can get on the main site as well.
~There will be items exclusively able to buy on the forums for the main site.

Theres a new Feesh genetic outcome- The chinese dragon


~Fixed an issue with planteras.. XD Lemme know if you find any more broken pet images. (I already know about the one on the manage page- its being worked on)

I dont usually self promote- but I made some cosplay outfits for the characters from my weekly comic.

I also made some more Avatar bases- A few rat/mouse ones.

Thats all for now! please let me know if you run into any problems!

~Till next time!

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