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CelestialEquine: Celestial Updates & More!


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Celestial Updates & More!

Good evening, CE players!

We have another fun update for you all regarding development progress, new releases, and upcoming events. Keep reading to learn more!

Development Progress

Since our last post, we have been hard at work tweaking your beloved Celestial features. The following tasks have been completed:

- Ability to change your horse's discipline (limited to 1 free change) via horse profile

- Resolved bug related to entering Hunt Seat Equitation and Driving Classes

- Added an "Enter by Barn" button to competition area (resolved timeout bug for players with high amount of horses)

- Released the Tack Store and various new tack items (updated Exploration map)

In addition to competition-related releases, we also accomplished the following:

- Beauty Contest votes now reset hourly rather than daily ( Basic - 30, Silver - 50, Gold - 75, Platinum - 115)

- Players cannot vote for their own horses, but will also not see their own horses in head to head lineups

- Increased per-vote Beauty Contest earnings to 50 coins (upped from 10 per vote)

- Only eligible horses appear on breeding list

- Removed ability to stock items for gems in Player Shops

- Random Event design revision

We hope you are all excited about these updates! We will begin improving our battle arena feature after the holiday weekend and are looking forward to sharing some amazing changes with all of you. Our battle arena revisions will include exclusive prizes for defeating specific NPC characters, a monthly rotating plot + rotating characters and more! These changes are meant to provide a more immersive game along with additional challenges.

Lastly, we have added some beautiful new body colors and wearables to the Cash Shop! We will be adding additional winter-themed items over the weekend, so be sure to check those out to help support CE's continued development.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to leave your thoughts and/or feedback in the comments!

Thank you,

CE Staff

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