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CelestialEquine: Holiday Updates!


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Holiday Updates!

Happy Holidays, CE Players! We have a quick, fun update for you all regarding new features, pending releases, and a fun end-of-year contest. Keep reading to learn more!


The Cynatasia is adorned with beautiful holiday jewels and is constantly accompanied by various types of snow flurries. Be sure to create your own by selecting the Tundra Origin World when creating horses.

Next up, here is a quick run-down of tasks we expect to complete before the end of 2019:

  • Battle Revisions
  • Celestial Lore Release
  • Companion Forest
  • Misc Bug Fixes

Referral Contest

Sleighbells are ringing in the valley of the Celestial Market as we prepare to welcome new players! Our final referral contest of 2019 is not only our largest but the most important gathering of players as we prepare to open the gates to our headlands and introduce our fantastic lore characters!
Referral Contest Details;

Start Date - Dec 1
End Date - Dec 31

All players still receive 1 gem per 3rd activated referral!

Grand Prize
- 1 Year Platinum Upgrade ($144 value)
- 1 Custom Avatar/Signature Set
- 1 Custom Breed Order (limited to $70 value)
- 1 Custom Wearable
- Early access to CE official lore
- 1 December Spotlight Event Package

Lastly, our beautiful Spotlight Event Package is slated to release this Friday! Be sure to check out the Cash Shop this Friday to get your hands on beautiful, winter genes and wearables!

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