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CelestialEquine: 2020 Updates and More!


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2020 Updates and More!

Happy New Year, CE players! We hope you all have had a productive start in 2020 and feel empowered to accomplish your goals. Let us make 2020 the best one yet!

In honor of the second go at the roaring 20s, you all will find a beautiful flapper wearable in your inventory. Dress up your horses with pride and get excited for the many things to come!

The Celestial square slowly filled with smoke, horses darting to the nearest building to take shelter. Muffled coughs could be heard from behind closed doors, though no equine dares mutter a word. A new type of horse had clearly arrived to Celestia, along with two beautiful molten-legged sprites.

The smog parted to reveal a glorious, flaming-winged horse. The leader of this band, Zarus, sneered as he glanced around the empty square.

"No one wishes to greet the great Kyriseus band?"

Sarcasm dripped from his audacious rhetorical question. A tiny black, molten sprite stood at his side carefully watching his master`s surroundings. The little Rougette would never let any create take Zarus by surprise.

Zarus swiftly turned onto his heels before dipped back into the coils of smoke and heat his body continuously radiated. No doubt this band of horses would mean trouble, but how much?

The Celestial square remained empty, the town seemingly holding their breath with anxious anticipation.

The Kyriseus breed is available for creation in the Volcano origin world! This breed has four beautiful variations, which are best viewed in the premium builder. Create your own today!

The Rougette Sprite can be found in the Companion area of the Cash Shop, currently available in two color variations (red and blue). New variations will be released on Friday!

Lastly, we have a quick development update for you all. We have a handful of releases planned for this week! Our most exciting and biggest update is to our battle system, which will include a monthly mini-story and rotating NPC characters, exclusive prizes, RPG style battle dialogue, and bug fixes! We hope this update not only sparks your interest but further motivates players to sharpen their sword and hop into the battle arena! Exclusive prizes will include coins, battle items, genes, and more.

We also will be making adjustments to how stat points and horse exp are passed on through breeding, along with establishing caps for stat points. This change is being made in an effort to reduce the number of super-horses and level the playing field.

I hope you all have enjoyed this quick update! Stay tuned for additional updates.

Thank you,
CE Staff

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