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New "Forum Projects" Category and PetSite Project


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I went ahead and created a new category called "Forum Projects" that now contains the Forum Adoptables and a new forum also. This should make it easier to find topics relating to the Adoptables rather then have them tucked away under Forum Suggestions.


PetSite Project

The "PetSite Project" has been mentioned in a few threads (check out the forum if you are curious about catching up.) and is an initiative that is being developed here on the boards to hopefully allow non-programmers to be able to start building simple pet sites without knowing how to program. By making the basics accessible we hope to introduce individuals who are interested in making new games into how to do so, and giving them the confidence and a solid base to do so. The project will be supported here on the forums. I hope that the community finds this as interesting and exciting as I do.

Beyond the basics, this project will also allow us to offer our programmers a means to develop "plugins" or "applications" which are additional features (big or small) to the basic system, and offer then for free or for sale here. Programmers may also offer their paid services for those who wish to customize things further.

I am also seeking names for this project, so feel free to suggest!

The forum will be shortly filled with a bunch of Research topics, asking questions of the community. These are very important and will help me flesh out the stages of development for a roadmap. I also wish to ask any of our Programmers out there who are interested to help out to follow threads also. Once I have a roadmap I will be running forward - and hopefully I will see some support from our programmers as well.

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