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CelestialEquine: Celestial Updates!


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Celestial Updates!

Good Evening, CE Players!

2020 is off to an exciting start, and we are so excited to share an update with you all! Our long-awaited Battle Arena revisions are nearly completed and will be pushed to the live game shortly. These revisions include integration of a monthly mini-storyline, rotating NPC characters, special prizes for defeating said NPC characters, and enhanced user experience during battles. These changes have been made in hopes of giving players more variety in activities to participate in, along with ways to collect/earn rare items and earn coins! Does your horse have what it takes to defeat next month's NPC characters?

With that being said, we are in the process of completing testing before pushing these fun updates to the game! These updates should arrive this week and will be accompanied by a User PM.

In addition to the revisions to the battle system, we also have a few bug fixes, changes to how Cash Shop breeds are viewed/purchased, and revisions to upgraded account perks. These updates will be expanded on later this week, but we felt like it was time for a little update to fill everyone in on what is to come!

Lastly, we are working on a beautiful new welcome page to replace our current landing/login page. We have realized our current setup does not do this fun game justice, and we want to give all players the opportunity to read about/preview the game before joining. Here is a quick preview! This preview is resized and has the main breed art blurred due to the start breed not yet released, and we do not want to spoil the beautiful surprise!

Lore Updates

Our next lore release has been slightly delayed while we tweak our lore admin interface. To ensure everyone can easily read the previous and subsequent chapters, we will hold off on the next edition to the Celestial Lore storyline until this change is done! In the meantime, let's talk about characters in the forum! Who is your favorite royal character? I know I have a character crush on Nyssa! Who doesn't love a misunderstood, dark sister?

Informative Writer Search

We are on the hunt for 2 players who are well-acquainted with the in's and out's of CE to help us revise and reorganize the CE help area! This task is quite large, and you both will be compensated with fun game perks. If interested, please shoot me a PM!

Finally, we want your feedback! What do you think of recent updates, releases, and pending revisions? We love suggestions and always discuss/consider ways to implement them. Sound off in the comments!

Until next time,

CE Staff

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