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CelestialEquine: Celestial Updates & More!


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Celestial Updates & More!

Good evening CE players!

Tonight's update is full of exciting new releases, development updates, and more. Keep reading to catch up on CE happenings!

Chapter 2 of our Celestial Lore has been released! Celestia has entered a state of chaos after the 18 worlds have been incinerated, all survivors traveling to the Celestial Kingdom in search of a safe haven. What will the surviving royal family do? Find out in Chapter 2! Remember, upgraded accounts have access to an expanded, longer version of each chapter. Upgrade today to access additional content!

Missed Chapter 1 or need to refresh your memory regarding the royal family, who are the leading characters of the Celestial Lore? All chapters are available in our lore area for easy browsing! 

Next up, we have been working very hard on our Battle System and have additional updates for you all! We have integrated additional prizes for defeating our rotating battle opponents, which include coins and items! Each month we will swap out available opponents, prizes, and the associated storyline. In addition to revamping the prizes, we have also added fun RPG style battle feedback for inflicted damage! Check out our most recent battle storyline here to earn beautiful, fiery prizes.


Next up, we have made modifications to our referral system to ensure all referrals are tracking correctly. You can view your current number of referrals under My Tools --->> Referrals. This page provides your referral link as well as a leaderboard of current high achievers! Remember, for every 3 activated referrals, you earn 1 gem!

Lastly, we have some exciting updates scheduled for this week! We expect to release the following new features:

  • Companion Forest (lure and capture companions)
  • Beauty Contest revisions
  • Healing Pool (restore horse health)
  • New companions
  • Herd-land teasers

Excited for these new areas? Let us know in the comments!

To wrap up this post, we are excited to announce a brand-new breed available in the Angelic Origin World for creation! The Tharena is a timid, beautiful breed known for its vapor-like mane and tail. Create your own today!


Check back soon for additional updates, and happy gaming!

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