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CelestialEquine: Celestial Updates & More!


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Celestial Updates & More!

Good Afternoon, CE players!

Whew, what a week it has been! We are so thrilled with the positive feedback from the Companion Forest and new Healing Pool feature. For those of you who missed the last update, we have officially launched two new mini-features! The Companion Forest allows players to lure and bond with companions, thus resulting in that companion being available for pairing from your inventory. We will continuously release new companions and colors moving forward! We have quite a few additional companions to release, which will happen once a week. To piggy-back off of our recent Battle Arena modifications, we have released a Healing Pool feature to allow players to restore the health of their horses on a daily basis! Additional store-line related information regarding the Healing Pool will be released in our next lore release, so stay tuned for additional Lore information!

Next up, we have a short development timeline for you all! Over the next two weeks, we will be working on improving/releasing the following:

  • New login/welcome page (more information regarding CE and it's amazing features)
  • Modifications to the breeding script (where the foal goes, proper notifications)
  • Horse Sale/Bid notifications
  • Herd-land progress

We have a ton of additional features in the works, but the ones listed above will be our primary focus until completed while maintaining feature tweaks and bug fixes. We are over the moon with the progress CE has made in 2020 and cannot wait to release all of the features we have cooked up!

Lastly, we have made modifications to our upgraded gameplay pricing! As of yesterday, upgraded gameplay starts at just $3 per month, which directly funds CE's continued development. From art to new features, upgrades funds it all! To learn more about upgraded gameplay, check out the Cash Shop for a breakdown of free vs upgraded perks!

Be sure to check out private messages for mini-news updates as we continue to release new items, modify features, and release additional content between newsletters. Have a great weekend!

- CE Staff

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