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IcePets.com: Phantasmoire Begins


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When the days grow shorter, the nights colder, and the shadows grow, Phantasmoire is surely here! During this time of year, the line between the earthly and spiritual realms blur and becomes easier to cross. Don't worry, however. Most of the spirits are friendly and harmless. Many of these ghosts don't have the power needed to cause havoc, but they can occasionally affect certain objects or make some spooky noises, if they feel up to it.

Magical Sailor Costume Possessed Bowl of Candy Old Green Hag Costume Set

Since ghosts come from the spirits of those who have passed, for many it is also the time of year to put out lanterns and candles to help guide these souls back home. Food, candy, warm drinks, and other treats are traditionally set onto doorsteps to welcome them, but these treats aren't just for spirits! Make sure to participate in the yearly Haunting (formally known as Trick or Treating) and don't forget to keep your door fully stocked with candy! Visiting ghosts also accept offerings in the form of delicious food and drinks. Many traveling ghosts simply stop by and float around before heading to the next house. If a spirit has a special attachment to the place they visit, they may stay longer. Please treat these souls kindly, as those that are neglected or mistreated may become resentful - even dangerous.

Makoat Ghost Costume Blob Ghost Costume Xephyr Ghost Costume

Keep an eye out for those visiting spirits and make sure to stop by the Beauty King to get your furry friends dressed up for the occasion! As he does every year, the Beauty King will offer one free Phantasmoire morph, so choose wisely!

The month of October will now be referred to as Phantasmoire, Halloween Day will be referred to as Phantom's Eve and Trick or Treating will be referred to as Haunting. This change will affect many things across the site, including Item names, Pet Colours, and Book Content.

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