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CelestialEquine: Celestial Updates!


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Celestial Updates!

Good evening, CE players!

It has been quite an eventful last few weeks! As many of us have begun to experience the quarantine life due to Covid-19, we would like to take a moment to address our current development timeline. Though we expected to have a few new features released this week, it has been important to us and our team to make sure our personal lives are under control before refocusing our efforts on CE's continued development. However, this gives us a great opportunity to release a plethora of items to the Celestial Shops as well as get to know our player base a bit more! Over the next few weeks, we will be teasing new features, feature concepts, genes, and more over on our Discord chat. If you aren't a member yet, join! Discord is free to use and the easiest way to stay connected with other players ;)

Onto our actual updates! Earlier this week we sent a care package of 35,000 coins and 3 gems to all players to help everyone have the funds to play for longer periods of time. As a reminder, everyone is eligible for a weekly salary from the bank, and can earn a nice amount of coins by participating in the Beauty Contests, Battle Arena, and Competitions. We are working on more areas to earn currency and other perks, which will be teased very soon!

In addition to releasing a ton of amazing new genetics to the Magic Shop and Cash Shop (stocking every 30 minutes), we also have a brand-new story posted in the Battle Arena along with new battle characters. Remember, you can earn exclusive items (even a registration scroll) by defeating all of the new NPC characters. 

Check back soon for additional news!

- CE Staff

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