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CelestialEquine: Celestial Releases & More!


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Celestial Releases & More!

Good evening, CE Players!

We are thrilled to announce a handful of new releases and share future development plans with you all! This week has been very productive on both the development and artist side of things, so buckle up for a fantastic update.

First off, a new gene management area has arrived at the Exploration Map. Adorafly's Lair was the crown jewel of the Love World, which has been salvaged by Celestial Sprites. They have worked tirelessly to preserve this special magic in order to allow the new horses of Celestia to experience its power! All genetic items can be previewed and applied to horses in this area. To access Adorafly's Lair, simply navigate to the "Exploration Map" or click this link! Let us know your thoughts regarding this feature in the comments! We always look to player input for future revisions.

Next up, a new installment of the Celestial Lore has been released. Will Nyssa make it to the healing pool unscathed, or with Evander's goons wipe her off the face of Celestia? Find out here! Unfamiliar with Celestial Lore? This is a fantastic story of the falling Kingdom's royal family. Read about each character, catch up on previously released chapters, and read the Celestial Backstory in the Celestial Lore area! This feature is also accessible through the Exploration map.

Celestial Equine has also received a ton of new genetics to the Cash Shop and the Magic Shop! We are still working on this month's Spotlight Event Package, but we can promise it will be a good one! In addition to new genetics, we are also 80% through our white marking revision project. We only have 10 more white genes left for whitening and brightening! All horses will see this change through their profile. Which white marking are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Development Plans

As you all know, we constantly have new ideas in the works! We are currently cooking up a beautiful training area for players to interact with their horses to increase adjustable stats. This area should release by the start of next week! In addition to a new training area, we are continuing to revise bugs associated with the Battle Arena. The bug with points and incorrect images displaying will be revised by early next week!

These will be that last few updates before we change our focus to our beloved herd-lands. Who is ready for a little bit of character interaction? I know we are!

Lastly, our biggest update is occurring tonight at 2am! We are upgrading to a faster server to cut allow for more resources and reduce our lag time. CE will be down for about an hour for this update but will be well worth the wait! We will post reminders on Social Media and send a mini-message for those of you who miss the memo.

That wraps up today's news post. We will check-in with you all this Friday for feedback and additional updates regarding new features.

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