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CelestialEquine: Celestial Auctions + more!


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Celestial Auctions + more!

Good afternoon, CE players!

We have yet another exciting update for everyone! Our primary focus over the last two weeks has been improving speed and revising our item management system. Our clunky inventory page has been replaced by a revised, easy to use design which allows for easy shop management and filtering! The Celestial Map will continue to grow and include landmarks for easy use of items, similar to Adorafly’s Lair. We are working on adding a wearable preview area (which includes re-ordering the wearables) along with other fun mini-games to use food, battle items, etc. These capabilities will still be present in your inventory area, but who doesn’t love another fun landmark on your Celestial Map?

In addition to our Inventory revisions, we are pleased to announce the development of the Celestial Mercantile! This area will serve as a two-part market consisting of an Auction House for horses and items, and a trading post for posting trade lots, sending horses, items, gems, and even barns! This area has been highly suggested and we are thrilled to tease its development. Phase 1 of the mercantile will only include the Auction side, but phase 2 will be the next release (hopefully this coming week). I hope you all are excited about a new method of buying and selling!

In addition to a brand-new landmark, chapter 6 of the Celestial Lore has arrived! Will Nyssa and Ingrid escape the wrath of Evander, their immature boy-king? Find out here!

Lastly, we have a handful of brand-new genes available in the Cash Shop! We are still hard at work transforming the Cash Shop into a mermaid paradise, so be sure to check back regularly for new releases.

We have many more fun additions in the works, but those teasers will be shared in the next news post ;)

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