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CelestialEquine: Celestial Wardrobe Release + Updates


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Celestial Wardrobe Release + Updates

Good afternoon, CE players!

We have a ton of fun updates for everyone in today’s news post. Keep reading to learn about our latest feature releases, pending feature revisions, and more.

First off, we are so excited to announce the release of the Celestial Wardrobe! The Celestial Wardrobe is a wonderful area to preview wearables, reorder the layering, and easily unequip items. You can access this new area here! In addition to the wearable area, you can also reorder the layering of wearables from the horse profiles. I hope you all enjoy this update, and we look forward to seeing some beautiful horses displayed in the show and tell channel on Discord!

Next up, we have some fun updates to the battle area to release. We have significantly sped up the load time for initiating a battle, and also added barn segmentation to make horse selection easier. We have also updated the win/loss pages to show the correct horse image and also list your prizes accurately! As a reminder, players can earn special items from defeating NPC characters! We are still hard at work revising the Battle UI, which will include an update to the main page design, and battle outcomes pages. We are hoping to push these changes within the next week, but battle should be bug-free at this time! If you do experience a bug, please post the description in the forum as soon as possible!

Lastly, we have finally released all of our beautiful Mermaid themed wearables and genes for the month of May! We are finalizing our Spotlight Event package, but will also offer a package of ALL released Mermaid wearables for a flat rate of $15, and ALL of the Encrusted body markings for $15. These will not be included in this month’s spotlight event, but we want to ensure everyone has a chance to snag these fun wearables while they are available (they are seasonal). If you are interested in either of these packages, simply reply here with your email address to be invoiced!

Our Spotlight Event Package has a big surprise included, so be on the lookout for a release message this evening/tomorrow morning! It is my favorite release to date!

To wrap up today’s update, I want to give you all a preview of what is to come! We are in the final round of cleaning our brand-new Celestial Map, began revising item cycling to keep the market shops fresh along with the Cash Shop, and have begun updating the battle UI. Have a change in mind that you’d love to see happen? Let us know in the comments!

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