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CelestialEquine: Breed Registry Update & More!


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Breed Registry Update & More!

Good Afternoon, CE players!

We are very excited to announce we have begun working on our upgrades to the Breed Registration process and Gene Management. As you all know, a major hole was found within our breed registry area which was allowing for private genes to be registered to new breeds. Private genes are meant to be exclusive, and due to this issue, we have pushed our registration improvements to the top of our priority list. For those of you who may have overlooked the mini-update sent via PM, we have asked all players to refrain from registering breeds until we announce this release. Please note we will be modifying breeds that have accidentally included a private gene but will address players on an individual basis.

Onto the developmental breakdown! Our new Breed Registration process will require approval from a “Genetic Guru”, which will be a new staff type. After ensuring all proposed genes are in-fact eligible for registration, the breed registration will be approved. This will act as a safety net to ensure this hole is never exposed again, and to always keep player commissioned genetics protected. To accompany this update, we will also be introducing approved users of private genes! This will allow players with private breeds (and private genetics) the ability to edit their breed registrations without accidentally removing any genes. Lastly, we will be adding “approved creators” as an option for breed registrations, which will be managed by the breed registry holder. Players may choose to allow specific players to create their private breeds and manage their registration as they see fit.

I hope you all are very excited about the upgrades to breed registration, gene management, and breed registries! More information and instructions will be released when the feature is completed :)

Next up, we will be slowing down for a few weeks to ensure all new bugs have been dealt with appropriately. After having so many exciting new releases we want to ensure the game stays neat and bug-free before moving onto new features. With that being said, the following bugs are next on the priority list for revision:

- Foals automatically going to the player’s account who paid the breeding fee
- Breeding cool down day counter
- Pagination error on Tradelot area
- Horses of any discipline entering competitions (will need additional information and tester volunteer)
- Elder Quest level timeout

Have something small yet annoying in mind that was left off of this list? Let us know in the comments so we can get additional details!

Lastly, we have introduced three beautiful spotlight packages to the Cash Shop under “Spotlight Event”. These packages include the Encrusted Genes, Mermaid Wearables, and the Mermaid Gene releases all in neat, separate packages. Check them out here!

That wraps up today’s news post. Be on the lookout for a supplemental news post when our changes to Breed Registration goes live!

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