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CelestialEquine: Celestial Updates & More!


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Celestial Updates & More!

Good evening, CE players!

We have yet another exciting update for everyone so keep reading to learn more about our most recent development progress, bug updates, new releases, and more.

First off, we are thrilled to announce our breed registry woes are officially behind us! Breed registration now includes a 2-step verification process to ensure all proposed registrations meet our criteria. In addition to our 2-step verification, we have resolved issues with missing manes and added special permissions for private gene owners to utilize their genes in new registrations. We hope this gives you all additional excitement to create your own beautiful breeds!

On that note, we do have a few lingering bugs which will be fixed early next week:
- Error when setting breeds to private (please PM a staff member to have this done manually at this time)
- Mane/Tail brush error (tail updating, but manes staying the same)

Both of these errors are very easy fixes and unfortunately resulted from our breed registration upgrades. However, they have been identified and will be resolved very quickly!

Next up we wanted to briefly touch on what changes are slated for this week. We are continuing to focus on bug resolution and live feature refinement, so the following areas will be addressed this week in addition to the fixes mentioned above:

- Foal ownership revision (whoever pays the breeding fee will receive the foal post-breeding)
- Elder quest game errors (level resetting)
- Approved Creators for player breeds (add approved creators to your own private breeds + have the ability to charge coins/gems for access to creation)

I hope you are all excited about these fun little updates!

Finally, we have released chapter 8 of the Celestial Lore! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Celestial Lore, this is a fantastic story following the Royal Kingdom family and will tie into our pending "alliance" feature. We highly suggest everyone take some time to read the chapters if you would like more information on the backstory of Celestia or enjoy a little bit of fantasy light reading. Each chapter features beautiful art - which is always a fun plus! If you are familiar with the Celestial Lore, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

To wrap up this news post, we want to thank everyone for your continued support as we push forward with our development. It has been so wonderful interacting with so many new players the last few months!

Have a wonderful evening, and stay tuned for additional updates.

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